"Come with me, my love, to the sea of love"

Miss Koshka
Aisyah, 21, thinks that life is too short.
I don't believe in love, cause it makes people blind and crazy. I believe in Allah, & all the great things He has done. Want to know who's the perfect role model for a hijabi? Not me.
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p/p/s I'm a cat at night.

"Does your name rhyme with mine?"

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Miss Koshka is in love, and she's happy about it.
Wednesday, September 30, 2009 || 5:30 AM

The thing is,

I can't get my mind off you, even for a second. Tell me, how am I supposed to be myself starting from October 4th? Oh, shit.

Sarah Rhoads
Dear Love, does this sound familiar?

HappyPills: He's going away, bringing valuable, very very valuable stuffs along. Some things that shout, "Lovers in love, crazyshitloads!" and "Think. Her." I can't wait for the 5 days to be over. Funny, it hasn't even started yet.

The thing is,

Empty promises they are not, I shall help you in this make-believe, that I'm right here with you, even if we are miles away ):
We'll be lost in an embrace, an embrance never felt before, for we have been separated too long. Time will tell, and till then, I'm right here waiting...
(insert the song title that you sang at Seletar's Country Club)


|| 4:47 AM


|| 2:11 AM

Halloween's end of next month. I don't celebrate it, but just in case I wake up to find myself at USA one day, I'll be wearing this.

Which reminds me (...), Naughty G is
not as nice as Redbull
not as sweet as Redbull
stronger than Redbull
smells funny
doesn't make me horny.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 || 3:22 PM

Life is good, I love myself.
Meeting the geng 606 later, minus 1. We're going to try Naughty G.
Oh, and I heard that the "laughing gas" is going to be banned soon.

Life is good.


|| 3:06 AM

don't be afraid. this is not the right time to be afraid. as i said, be positive, and positive we shall be. this is not the right time to start comparing with the Bad group. optimistic, not calling the pessimistics. away, far away you are going. well, not even a minute difference, but so far it is to me. i don't want to live in denial. i don't want to live in regrets. i was stupid, i lost my brain for a second. why so ego, i asked myself. i'm at wrong, i shall go fug myself. thing is, i am a strong believer. everything happens for a reason, hell yeah it is. what's your reason?

i really hope you read this. i really hope you do because this is not the ending, but the beginning of something new. there's an old adage, "For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness." life is short, everyone said so. are you willing to risk it? there's no other, and i'm not afraid.
of the future.

i'm glad to be given this opportunity. and i'm glad that the faith has not gone away.
don't be afraid, come close.

Hell no.
|| 2:22 AM

Today was such a fantastic day, and fantastic is good, and bad.
Let's start with the good news. Someone passed his TP Test and is a driver now! Thanks for lying to me in the morning, bitch, because I actually made a "It's Okay, Cheer Up Cause You Will Pass The Next Attempt" card. I'm very happy for you, I swear.
Anyway, Harindra and I went to watch The Ugly Truth today, at Cathay. Highly entertaining, because the crude jokes are just so awesome! Thanks for waiting (: He waited 3 hours cause I had tuition earlier on.

Everything happens for a reason. Be it good or bad, we have to think positive and remember that not everything in life can give you happiness! Sorrows, miseries, and whatnots, they're not bad, because think, you are actually given the opportunity to learn!
I won't say much about this, because it's just going to spoil my night. But just be optimistic.
Everything happens for a reason.
I'm a strong believer.


Stfu, I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment.
Stfu, you are being too noisy.
Stfu, whatever you just said to me, well, you have to wait and see what's going to happen soon. Stop talking about it already, like as if it's going to take effect any time soon.
Stfu, Polar calling Panda bear. I'm not making any effing sense.
Stfu, be patient, will ya?
Stfu, if you think I'll ever get bored, you are so wrong, human.
Stfu, cause the more you talk, the more I won't listen.
Stfu, stop talking and reflect.

Shut the fuck up.

Monday, September 28, 2009 || 2:50 AM

If you were from Yuhua Primary and are here because -aisyah. tagged at your tagboard leaving this blog url, YOU ALL REMEMBER ME OR NOT AH? Aisyah Azis, and yes, budak kental -_-
Ingat tak? Anyway, add me on facebook okay.
Somehow was at Faizurah(Zeeroc)'s blog, and it led me to Suzanna's blog, and then to many many other blogs. Exciting to see the changes in all.

F is for Future.
|| 1:27 AM


came across this tumblr page, dailycuteboy, and nah, not that cute lah. I swear, I only saw the first page and closed the tab. If you're single, hot and sassy (silence), click and have your DAILY dose of, whatever. I'm just saying, I'm just saying...

whytheyrehot, I like this! Remember the few posts back, where I copied and pasted 'dirt' and 'Jacob'? I think the Source copied from this tumblr page. Dirt and Jacob, haha, sexy link.

None. Of. Them. As. Cute. As. My....

Thanks to those who have visited my house. Selamat Hari Raya (: To a friend, good luck for your TP tomorrow, Herzi! I know you are nervous, but I know you can do it. Just think of your girlfriend okay, like you know, drive her around! Ok no, some actions at the back seat? I don't know, the latter sounds more, motivational? For a guy, that is. Anywayyyyyyy I was saying, yes, good luck with your TP! To Fazeelah, thanks for inviting! Had a great time yesterday, to see you and your family after so long, and to see Chandini as well! And Kitman, my kindergarten friend. :) To Chandini, "you crazy person".

Yesterday (Saturday 26/09), I saw a baby, and she's a girl. Today, I saw another baby, fair like the baby girl I saw yesterday, also a girl. My mom told me, she can't wait for another grandchild, and she said she wants another girl, cause we can transform her, as in the baby, into a cute Barbie Doll. "Baju Pompuan cantik-cantik kan." I jokingly asked her, "k when you want, I can give, cause I cannot wait also!" She just gave me a wide smile. So yes, I'm hoping for a gooooood future with you, Harindra! Remember, with no drama in between!

Ok random thoughts, but I don't want to be a mushycornyhorny?(haha) blogger. No offense, but I'm just not the kind lah. Neither am I the kind who hold boyfriend's hand in front of friends. Just because I'm shy lah, nothing else. haha. Anyway right, I'm happy for my friends who are attached now. Those who haven't, no rush siaaaaaaa, singlehood is fun!!!!!!

I watched Kambakkht Ishq, starring Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor. A very very modern motion picture, unlike typical Bollywood movies. Entertaining, yes. Other than that is just "Epic Fail". Hot bodies, too.

Ok, after midnight, I'm just not myself. I love to talk about the F word. Future.
Ah somebody shoot me.

I. Am. Looking. Forward. To. Our. First. Bowling. Game.
(Funfact : I actually typed Blowing, instead of Bowling.)
(It's after midnight. Don't mind me)


Dear Secondary School friends,
Saturday, September 26, 2009 || 11:30 PM

Hello friends! I know you guys are like, busy with A levels preparations and stuff, but how about a day out together as a whole big group? And since it's Hari Raya season, how bout a Hari Raya outing!?!

Tuesday 29/09/09
Wednesday 30/09/09
Choose the date choose the date choose the date choose the date,
and majority wins :D Please try to be free okay!

Any extra suggestions, please comment below, eg no boyfriends allowed. Or to ask Mr Samuie to keep all the cats!

Oh, have I told you that we are just going to TEACHERS' HOUSES!?
Mr Samuie, Ms Dianah, Mdm Rashidah, Cikgu Mastuty, etc etc etc. Those who have their fb or phone numbers or whatever, please help to contact them and ask whether they'll be free that day...(who else? COMMENT BELOW!)

Anything else to add?
Help by commenting!
Oh, invite whoever you want. "The more the merrier"!


The boys, ah ah ah
|| 3:23 AM

You know how much I looovvveee blogging. Not that my posts are long, but short few-letter-words posts satisfy me enough. :)

"3.He looks good with dirt rubbed on his chest. Dear god. You know you would love to take a tumble in the dirt with him." - Source
This statement, one word : Kinky.
No idea why (maybe, maybe not), this statement makes me, gay. And gay is good!


Okay, what's wrong with me? Goodnight now :)
Goodnight sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite!

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|| 2:11 AM

"It's a natural response. Do you think I don't find other men attractive any more? Of course I do - I just don't do anything about it because I'm happy with you.

Perfect sense, of course, but refreshing words for me to hear from the mouth of my lover. Indeed, why shouldn't we look at beauty and admire it? If anything, loving her made me see more beauty everywhere and everything I looked at made me feel like making love to her"

It's kind of complicated right now, to plan things that seems pretty impossible. A family girl I am, to be away, and the shitloads of commitments, am I ready for all this? Is this what I really want? Ah, scary thoughts because I don't want to be doubting every single decisions that I've made, and going to make. I'll decide later, don't want to spoil my young young night.

I know you are clueless.

Oh, and it's mentally draining, to keep on touching someone's past. Despite being scolded in a not-so-nice way for doing so, I just can't seem to let go, and the feeling sucks so bad. Blaming myself, yet also blaming that someone. And so frustrating, the similarities! Like, come on, what about an oval, or square, or even a heart? "Islam is the way of life" Makes some sense when you said that, but then again, the mere fact that we're all similar, it makes me sad.

I know you are clueless again, readers.
But just know that I'm a happy child, a very very happy child I am.
Grateful for the friendships and love relationship. Always hoping for a happy ending, with no drama in between.

Think happy thoughts.


But lips, now nicer, not so dark. Weird shit, I don't smoke, dude.

Call me random.

my happy pills
Friday, September 25, 2009 || 2:15 AM

Either he'll stop loving me, or he'll beat the hell out of me, or he'll just scold me, or best, he'll just take it easy and seek revenge. The last one seems to be the best answer, out of the 4 options.
You know why? I posted a ridiculously funny picture of him on FACEBOOK, and I'm going to post it here.
Why am I finding fault? Because the picture has made my evening, and has made me laugh so hard today. Not just his picture, but the guy himself - Harindra.

Please, join me as I smile from ear to ear.
Senyum Kambing!

Bye people, going to watch Mio TV!

Because, just because...

Mujhse Dosti Karogi
|| 1:42 AM

I don't know what we call ourselves, but I know they are my dear sweethearts (:
God knows how I much I miss these girls, for I haven't seen them in a long long time!
This picture was taken at Botanic Garden mid this year, and yes I know, I have yet to send the pictures to you three. Sorry, but soon okay, since I'm free nowadays (:
No matter how many 'I miss you!!', we still haven't met. Well, I guess I'll just wait until the big A's are done! Till then, take care you three! Much loves!

Not that close to you guys, not in the BEST FRIENDS kind of way, but their presence never fail to make me... happy. Never the kind to meet my friend every now and then, but do know that whenever I go Jurong Point/Lakeside, or past Dover Mrt Station, or see giggly PJC kids around my boyfriend's place, I'll remember you three and the friendship that we have. Greatful, so please, don't go away.......

Haha difficult to get the complete picture, because either Hazlin or Dianne would be absent -_-
We call ourselves "Girlband", even though I violently object to it. I mean, pffft, girlband? But hey, I have no idea why we sticked to that name. Haha Who cares what we call ourselves! So anyway, not really missing them cause I just met Diyana, Hazlin and Aida last week for Iftar (break fast), and just want to say that I LOVE THEM (:

We were all from the same class, all as in EVERYONE - F,C,T,D,A,D and H(not in picture)(Go figure the initials). But why am I in 2 cliques? Well, we were actually the Cool Nerds (Haha old time old time!), but I don't know, different personalities perhaps? My lovelies at the top are more, Girlband is more, ah nevermind. Thoughts. But awesome people to be with, and ah, I so love my life thanks to them (:

I'm just being random okay.
If you don't miss me, yes, I'll be sad. Haha.
And it's kind of sad that I don't have a true bestfriend, like, someone who is like a sister to me.
Ok nevermind, thoughts again.
Goodnight everyone!
I'll update again when I feel like it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 || 6:27 PM

|| 2:08 PM

Loving CHIC Magazine since Issue 1. It's Issue 5 now, and I'm still very much in love with it. You should get it too, it's only $2.80! I was telling Hari that I have been reading this magazine since Issue 1, so they better hire me for some shit reason one fine day, if I really have no job in the future. haha Loser! It's all about Fashion, so.....  GET IT GET IT GET IT! And twice a month :)


|| 1:04 PM

Prophet Adam

Best Moments...
Tuesday, September 22, 2009 || 7:40 PM

Got this from a friend's blog and I found this! The best moments a person can have in life...

To fall in love.
To have a child.
To laugh until it hurts your stomach. Got this on first day of Raya. Why? Toddlers being toddlers (:
To find mails by the thousands when you return of the vacations. In this case, emails and of course including Facebook notifications!
To manage for a vacation at some pretty place. I wish!
To listen to your favorite song in the radio. And sing-a-long. I know right!
To go to bed and to listen while it rains out.
To leave the shower and find that the towel is warm. Simple things like this can be the bestest moments huh? (:
To clear your last exam. Definitely! Results good or not, who cares right, when you've cleared the last paper.
To receive a call from someone, you don’t see a lot, but you want to. (:
A good conversation. A sincere one.
To find money in a pant that you didn’t use last year.
To laugh at oneself.
Calls at the midnight that last for hours. I wish, again. Come on, anyone out there to entertain me? Weird right, since I have a boyfriend? That's because my boyfriend deserves all the rest in the world for being the best. Haha! -_- The last time I had this was years ago, I'm so sad.
To laugh without reasons. Mesti..
To hear accidentally that somebody says something good of you.
To wake up and realize it is still possible to sleep a couple of hours.
To hear a song that makes you remember a special reason.
To make new friends.
To be part of a team.
The first kiss.
To feel butterflies in the stomach every time that you see that person.
To have your back rubbed to sleep by some one you love.
To pass some time with your best friends.
To see people that you like, feeling happy.

To use a sweater of the person that you like. Very sweet indeed, and yes, I like. Haha
See an old friend again and to feel that the things didn’t change.
To have somebody that tells you that he/she loves you.

Yes people, I'm THAT free. Anyway, I've added MANY MANY MORE PICTURES to album "Koshka lovin'". Check it out @ my facebook!

|| 6:07 PM

And so I'm satisfied, even though I would like to do edit some stuff. I'm too used to using Classic Template I guess. Ah I sound so geek. Anyway right,


Sweet Romance.
|| 5:27 PM

It's pretty boring if you don't find it the cutest creature on Earth, but you got to see 1:18, I sure you'll go Awwww...

|| 3:25 PM

Testing jump break
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|| 3:10 PM

My name is Aisyah, and I have 8 cats. Koshka is cat in Russian, and indeed a beautiful word it is. I am definitely fickle-minded. To delete a blog, to create a new one, to delete a blog, to create a new one. I used to stick to one, but since my all-time favourite blog, alittlebang.blogspot.com reeks of Redbull, things have changed. And I deleted thelittlestbang.blogspot.com because it's just full of stupid sad posts, pretty insincere.

So welcome to MissKoshka.blogspot.com, and ok I just read something hilarious.
"lentil AM ALITTEBANG". So the word "I'm" is apparently lentil. Amuse me.

So, ahem, welcome to MissKoshka.blogspot.com, and please, don't link me :) Thanks!

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