"Come with me, my love, to the sea of love"

Miss Koshka
Aisyah, 21, thinks that life is too short.
I don't believe in love, cause it makes people blind and crazy. I believe in Allah, & all the great things He has done. Want to know who's the perfect role model for a hijabi? Not me.
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Sunday, February 28, 2010 || 4:34 AM

thinking of planning a short getaway for a few days with friends & Harindra, before My Macho Man goes for his NS..
What's your say? I was thinking of either KL or Bali. I don't think it's gonna be that expensive.. So yeah, what's your say?
Text me or something

Chingay 2nd Day, 20th February 2010
|| 4:23 AM

Chingay 2nd Day on Feb 20th (:




Oopsy I got self-obsessed for a moment...


Happy Birthday Lis!
|| 3:53 AM

Today is Feb 27th, and it's Alisah Jais' 18th Birthday!! Lis, also known as Brandy Make-It, you're 18 now, welcome to the club! The club I was in 2 days ago! We all love you baby <3 & psst, I love your song so crazy much.

So today was well-spent as well, but it was kind of disappointing cause the guy who asked us to join left earlier, leaving Syikin & I to be lost for a moment before finding our way back to iTalent, ITE Talent Show. (But other than that it was another amazing day for me) So that means that my 19th Birthday present -_- was absent cause he didn't show up. Haha Firdaus buey ah sial Haha! It was an interesting day, and together with my Post-karaoke syndrome, it's kind of annoying to hear people sing. I just felt like taking the mics and gave one to syik and we sing Mercy and all Beyonce songs. Haha! What thoughts...

Sheesha at Sufi with Harindra, Syikin, Lis the Birthday Girl, Justina & Zach. Played the scary game that Lis introduced to us, and then Nura and Ifah came...
With a birthday cake :) p/s hope you love it, Lis!
Anyway, we continued our games session & played Afghanistan/Thambi Loves Curry game.
Went to Pyramids after that, and Syikin, Harindra and I left earlier :) Reached home at nearly 1...

Pictures will be posted soon, stay tuned!

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Love is a darn complicated thing, aint it? Well suck it up and think positive. It's a breeze if you think it is :D
Friday, February 26, 2010 || 6:53 AM

I was just wondering, like how can a person be in love with someone, to actually be in a relationship with that someone for, i don't know, perhaps months long, expressing his/her love online with poems and the sweet whatnots, but to never utter a single 'I love you' to that same particular someone? This is not a joke, because a deep deep feeling of affection and love is never a joke. Yes, it's definitely more than words to begin with, but isn't those words meant to be verbalised first, then you can do the whole 'more than words' thing? Isn't that the basic thing?
Well, different people have different forms of saying "I love you".
All I can say is, love is not an easy thing, duh, and if you are too stubborn to learn (or some, too egoistic), then I wish you good luck cause it ain't going nowhere...

One more thing that I want to talk about (and this relates to me) is that recently, many people are telling me that having a boyfriend is haram. This is wrong. Being in a relationship (with the opposite sex) is not haram. But touching the opposite sex is obviously haram. How bout a r/s without holding hands? Make do. :D

FYI, Harindra is just my bbbbbBBBBf, which stands for bestest x8 best friend. And we're in love.
I love you, pal... Look at what they've done to us (': (or )': whichever you'd prefer)


26th February 2010
|| 3:33 AM

Today's the 26th, which means that I've just turned 19. My last -teen before reaching the -ty huh? Hari said that I'll always be the sweet 18-year-old to him because I have such a kiddish face, HAHA I know right! So anyway, went to Sheesha on the afternoon of 25th, with Syikin and Razin. I was feeling kind of down, but seeing my friends made me so damn grateful out of a sudden. Random and emotional, pfft. But Razin left early and was left with Syikin, ate at Kg Glam Cafe & went back to the west side ~ Met Harindra at Westmall (wanted to be sweet and accompany that poor soul to study for his last paper later) but at last he gave me a small birthday gift and like, a large hot chocolate and Oreo Cheesecake <3 and WE WENT OFF CAUSE I WAS SLEEPY. SO SWEET KAN AKU!?!? Hakpui. Haha! Ok have fun laughing at the pictures! Harindra made me laugh so friggin' much. Thanks friend.

The tired birthday girl, before getting the small lil' gift. yeah whatever, with a bad hair-night. Haha
I hate those "I LUV U 4EVA" so please, sense my sarcasm (referring to above).
And we did the whole 'open smile' and 'smile with mouth closed' thing :)
So first up, the usual smile we always have

Then we tried closing our mouth, and it was kind of hard for us cause we have LARGE MOUTHS.

And the teeth-showing smile (the normal Aisyah smile) but Hari was like, "Eh so fake seh my smile"
Yeah it seems fake, Hari.
And now do you understand why people mistaken us for siblings? Sadly right -_-
Don't they get it? We're cousins! *~,~*

THEN WHEN HE GAVE THE GIFT/PRESENT, I cried and he thought I hated it. Just cause it's not expensive or like, not anything branded or whatever, it's, seriously, the thought that counts. Impressive. Hence The Mightaswelldon'tuse Eyelinerrrrr

Idiot take my picture and made me laugh
I separated the Oreo Chocolate part (whatever it's called) cause it's chocolatey and I don't like them, and then like, voila!, heart-shaped! butwe kinda adjusted it to make it look really heartish. Sweet aye

And then the whole Crazy faces and poses started.
Cacat sia this picture
Maha kembang hidung, like oinkoink already =_-
But trust me, Harindra can seriously make me pee in my pants by doing all these crazy stuff.
I always have to, like, close my eyes and say, "One Two Three" taking these kind of pictures.
And lastly,

Alah cute!

Ok lah people. my stomach hurts. Thanks for all the wishes lovelies! You know who you are :D
And Harindra, thanks man! You're like the bestest friend I've ever had! Ever.

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