"Come with me, my love, to the sea of love"

Miss Koshka
Aisyah, 21, thinks that life is too short.
I don't believe in love, cause it makes people blind and crazy. I believe in Allah, & all the great things He has done. Want to know who's the perfect role model for a hijabi? Not me.
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p/p/s I'm a cat at night.

"Does your name rhyme with mine?"

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Sunday, October 30, 2011 || 9:34 PM

2 more weeks and my brother's getting married. He gotta say bye to his long long hair teehee ;)

I want to be happy. An adventurer, and prolly happy being a part-time barista at the moment ;)

The only thing that's bothering me is....

I don't have a friggin Plan B. Ooooh :/

Ian Somerhalder
Tuesday, October 25, 2011 || 2:13 AM

This is from tumblr, but I have to put this here!!

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Lazy girl
|| 12:58 AM

Hai :3

Miss me? I miss blogging so much, but ever since I got my new phone, I've been.... lazy. Ooopsy. Not gonna post anything so darn personal or anything like that, just the general things etc etc.
My unimportant life.

I've been working a lot at Coffeebean, and I'm really enjoying life. It's nice to be stress-free :) But is life really a breeze? You know what they say - all good things come to an end. Mmmm I went to Phuket a week ago, with Ifah. Just the two of us, how daring eh. Hahaha Phuket was beyond wonderful (': Pictures still in cam, hahah one day I'll upload la. As for love, hais, I'm really worried. We're closer now ): Don't waaaaaaant.

*runs away*
Okay bye.

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I miss blogging
Sunday, October 2, 2011 || 10:14 PM

If you don't have a twitter account, or if you're following me, or idk why you just love reading my updates...

I'm here now :> and i'm using my new phone! Teehee about time right?! Hello white iphone 4, be nice to me and i'll be nice to you.

Not much updates anyways. Nah pictures! Btw follow me la twitter.com/misskoshka