"Come with me, my love, to the sea of love"

Miss Koshka
Aisyah, 21, thinks that life is too short.
I don't believe in love, cause it makes people blind and crazy. I believe in Allah, & all the great things He has done. Want to know who's the perfect role model for a hijabi? Not me.
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p/p/s I'm a cat at night.

"Does your name rhyme with mine?"

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I needa I gotta I hafta
Monday, September 26, 2011 || 6:17 PM

I need to stop feeling sad
I need to start appreciating the simple things in life
I need to have faith in myself, in my religion, and not go astray
I need to make love and joy, not have hates and regrets
I need to stay calm

& look around. Allah is great, His creations are great, and that I'm vvv lucky to be alive rn.

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|| 4:26 PM

So proud of this person.
Will always be.
#heisnotmyboyfriend hahahah stop it la


For those who haven't seen my bike...?
Thursday, September 22, 2011 || 12:20 AM

I guess it was a mistake to enrol Class 2A despite knowing that I just had an accident weeks before and was quite afraid to be on the road again. It's probably fated to fail my first 2A TP which made me realise that

A: I'm a girl. The accidents with Aarav (the name of my bike!) has left me scars. I gotta prioritize - I want to be a  lady. I don't want ugly scars, I don't want to be Harry Potter y'know ): 
B: I don't want to ride a 2A/2 bike just for fame & style. The reason why I had 2B was mainly for transportation, as the distance between TP and my house is like A to Z.

But recently, months after my accident, I've gained back the confidence on the road, which made me want to continue my 2A, but nah, I'm gonna heed Hari's advice, "Use that confidence for your driving practical" 

So this is a picture of my lovely lovely blue bike, named Aarav. The black one on the left is Hari's.
So Aarav, sorry for neglecting you for a while. I was punishing you la, cause you made me fall :P

Okay goodnight! Yes, blahblah, Aisyah, B L A H B L A H.

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But I set fire to the rain
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 || 1:02 AM

I cute or not? Haha no la diam la don't answer.

So I guess I shouldn't blog when I'm in a foul mood. My choice of words gets too harsh, I might hurt some people who thought I was talking about them, and it's not even a competition y'know, like, who gets the last say or whether I've managed to make someone shut up.

Best example would be my text to Sya, the leader of my used-to-be band. I sent a text message to her, a super duper long one, criticizing her leadership skills etc, after I got to know about some things. It was nice, of course, to say those things to a person who clearly deserves it. But then to think again, I would never imagine how I would feel if that same text was sent to me by someone else instead. We ended that text-convo there, and what annoyed me most was the fact that people who've been telling me stuffs, decided to show a different side of them and acted as if they've never told me anything. I mean, I wouldn't know how everything has been if not for them, right? But, yeah, I shouldn't have texted her that crap, I shouldn't have created such chaos. Ah it's okay, life's life, people's people, and Aisyah's Aisyah (me, me, me)

I'm forever an ass la.

Also, I took up a class on Anger Management, and How to Avoid Being Rude lesson. Seriously. It was free and it was via a phone call, and my instructor was Mr Hari. 

Hmmmm life,

I'm clueless on what to do in the future. And by future I'm not talking about "When I grow up..." or "After I've graduated from TP....", cause hell to the no, I'm already out of TP and I need to decide fast! For now, I'm enjoying my time in Coffeebean :>

OMG kk too wordy already bye
last one.

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blah blah blah ALL WORDS blah
Thursday, September 15, 2011 || 4:05 AM

My blog has so many pictures. Okay I give y'all words. WORDS!

I've been working a lot recently, and I hope it's going to be worth it. I just hope someone else  appreciates it. Anyway!, ya, so I've been attached to Vivo, Jurong Point, Great World City and just today, Westmall. A good experience, and meeting lotsa different people, and of course, have to learn to adapt. All using different machines haha mampos. So yes, hang in there Aisyah, get the kaching kaching and enjoy the fun working environment. Ooh can never imagine having a full-time job. My internship at AVA was probably the only full-time job I've done, and boy oh boy me no likey.

Damn I hate being a girl, but I think being a guy is tougher :/ Girls have to deal with emotional rollercoaster rides, bleeding vagina, our girlish dilemmas. Guys? They have to deal with that. 

One of my friend/enemy is being such a fat bitch!! Y'know me, I use the word fat to describe a personality. Yeah sure you were sexy, or curvy, or voluptuous whatever, but damn bitch now you're just fat. FAT FAT FAT. When will you ever learn, dear fat friend? Don't be stupid and take back your own words about your favourite person; I heard you loud & clear. Then now you're telling me you're the middle person etc? Up yours la. Your what? Omg I don't know what to think, your layers of boob fats too thick already, noooo


I think I v funny haha but a friend of mine told me about this (fat) friend of mine, and mak kau irritating nya. Kau nak suck up lagi ke?! Buat ape? Bodoh. Samdol. Bahalol. Point noted?

Enough words for you? How can I not  talk about Hari. Hari accepted me for who I was, he's loving me for who I am, and he'll care, I know so. So I'll share, cause sharing is caring. He's not even my property, so let's share this toy boy. Who wants a piece of Hari? Lai lai.

Small picture only la, cause I wanted this to be a wordy post. BYE goodnight haha Can't believe I wasted my time talking about my fat frenemy.

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L is for loser, not love.
|| 2:47 AM

Just some things from tumblr ^^


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Tuesday, September 13, 2011 || 1:22 PM

The kind of things you do with your guy best friend.


Oh whyyyy OH whyyyy!?
|| 11:11 AM

So weird this picture above. 
Actually I got nothing to blog about.
It's just that I like to blog after changing the blogskin.


This picture is also weird
Haahaha what to do.
Follow me on twitta: misskoshka 

Oh mama, mama, mama, I just shot a man down. #nowplaying

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give you more
|| 2:12 AM



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I feel no sadness
Thursday, September 8, 2011 || 9:15 PM


Hai. I'm
- gonna xxxxxx this weekend
- not gonna be shameless & ask for my parents' money. That's why I'm working more now ):
- not gonna find a full-time job too. #wheregottime haha
- so tired. Went to town with Ifah, Ernie, Ayu & Rizal yesterday, and then I was up the whole night using the laptop :O
- excited to get back my school results. For sure I won't fail (I can smell the victory haha!) no la, cause I actually put in some effort for my SIP/MP. After that, I'm going to apply for uni.


What's lame? If people say, "Eh kalau perangai xxx, bukak tudung sudah" & "Shouldn't tudung girls be xxx" in an argument. It's like saying, "yo momma's so fat, she blahblahblah" out of nowhere. I.e. it's a joke.

 Peace out A-town.

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Some personal shit.
|| 1:26 AM

You want personal? I give you personal.

I'm not in a relationship with Hari anymore not cause I don't love him no more. He's sexy, handsome, and h-o-t (or used to be, if you're into really fat buff kinda guys), but better, he's super loyal, honest, sincere, treats/treated me super well, and he's such a gentleman I swear. But why do I choose this way? We've done so many damn fked up things together, the kinda thing couples do, but what's the point if it's all forbidden? Cheap thrill? Hell the love was deep, but to KNOW that it's wrong? Yeah man it was an amazing relationship, swear to God I wanna marry that man, but the love's purer this way. Trust me, bitches, being in a relationship vs no strings attached? Latter. Being in a relationship before marriage, well, that's not how I roll anymore. I guess the feelings did fade, and yeah I did tell him to date other girls etc before we get serious and 'get married'. Hell, we've gotten too serious, that I feel it's unfair for HIM to be out with ME and only me. Hahahha sounds merepek pulak. So yes, we're not in a relationship, but it's a habit to wish each other 'Happy XXth' every 7th of the month, so we're gonna keep it that way. No point la cinta setengah mati but can't get married anytime soon. Buang current. Haha but I gatal, how? Garok ah.

Personal enough?

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011 || 3:25 AM

Because I'm out of TP already, currently waiting for results & then transcripts etc?
Fck yeah ;)

but you're thinking bout me, me, meeee~
Thursday, September 1, 2011 || 4:01 PM

My two favourite songs atm

So Hari is back from Taiwan, but I heran tak heran! 
Tomorrow is my presentation, i.e. wear formal clothes, put a lil make up on, present some stupid big poster.
Thing is....
HAHAHAHAH good luck to me.
Wow the last time I blogged was last week?! Haha chey busy with reports mah. So proud of myself for completing the reports & logbooks on time :)

Sensual satisfaction~ eh.
Oh yes, I'm taking Class 3, enrol next week. Too excited already.

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