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Aisyah, 21, thinks that life is too short.
I don't believe in love, cause it makes people blind and crazy. I believe in Allah, & all the great things He has done. Want to know who's the perfect role model for a hijabi? Not me.
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Leggo, busy week
Tuesday, July 31, 2012 || 3:33 PM

Blogging again cs I feel a little rushed. Hi. Rushed cs I have so many things to do and this week is a little hectic.

Today: To complete my assignment. Past few days I've completed my day-to-day itinerary, now I have to talk about my hypothesis travel agency company etc.
Tomorrow: Work's at 8am, until 6pm. After that have to rush to school to submit my assignment. Daddy's back for a short three days holiday.
Thursday: Work. Tuition. Iftar with the Fridaters (to be confirmed)
Friday: Dad returns to Thailand. Work.
Saturday: Tourism System exams in the evening.
Sunday: Shake leg at home.

And my red friend is here :( Day 01 of not fasting. I need to start taking note, man. Every year will forget how many days I need to re-pay my fast zzz

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Sunday, July 29, 2012 || 1:41 AM

NONSENSE I don't have enough sleep ah! Caffeine vs Sleep, Sleep 1 Caffeine 0!

So my Saturday was like,
|| 1:22 AM

Outfit of the Day, much?

Glorify your Lord with praise and ask Him for forgiveness as He is Most Merciful. - Al-Quran Juz 30 Surah 110, Divine Support.

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All work no play makes Jack a dull zzzzzzzzz
Saturday, July 28, 2012 || 4:09 AM

1. I've completed my assignment! Okay no, left w hotel listings & flight info. 
2. I drank espresso right before heading home just now, and I'm still up. So, I've been up from 6.30am till now, that's like 22 hours! And I can't possibly sleep after pre-dawn meal because I have school from 9am to 6pm. God bless me! Count the hours. Espresso, you bitter little demon. 
3. I had so much fun today breaking fast w Fina, Shariz & Ray at Arnold's City Plaza. Arnold's was crazy! No more fried chicken until the year 2050. 
4. I am itching to travel, at least once by the end of the year. 
5. Ooh I can hear the alarm clock already. Time to sahur.

Happy 1 week of Ramadhan! Mine has been great so far. Only challenging for 2 days because things didn't go as I planned it to be. Other than that, no problem! Hope your Ramadhan has been nothing but a blissful journey to bring yourself closer to our Creator!

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My eyes are on you.
Tuesday, July 24, 2012 || 11:09 PM


Calm down, cs He has it all planned. No point rushing if He has already made the decisions for us. We are in His hands, so let's just submit, and not try to overcome The Almighty.

Logical or not, we live in a modern world. Anything can happen, and life now isn't like how it was years ago. Just gotta have faith, I guess. Inter-racial, mmm, scares me at times.

Good luck.

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Selamat Hari Isnin
|| 12:15 AM

1. Ramadhan kareem. May this year's Ramadhan be awesome! And everything we do diberkati Allah.
2. I've gotten the acceptance letter to take my degree :) But I have assignment to be submitted on 1st Aug, and school hasn't officially started yet! What sorcery is this! Thanks, bridging modules -.-
3. Before I die, I'd love to go France twice. First time for patisseries and desserts, second time for honeymoon. Do dreams like this come true? Work for it. Zzz
4. I am doing assignment now, loser.


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coffee, anyone?
Thursday, July 19, 2012 || 3:47 AM

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A desire to travel.
|| 3:19 AM

Planning to get my OCBC Frank card, to serve my one and only purpose - travelling, as a gift to myself. Most probably by end of the year. I is very excited because it's like having a piggybank specially to 'see the world', but it's even bettaaaa. Shall not let my mom know about this, or else she'd find 101 reasons to say NO.

Source: Weheartit


Okay I'm done. School starting this weekend. Not officially though. Can't wait :>

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We'll watch the sunrise and sunset together forever
Sunday, July 15, 2012 || 6:34 PM

The beginning of the above video is one of my favourite episode. Just done watching this lakorn. So attached to it already, why must it end ):
Kuan Kamathep (Cupid Gang)

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We found love in a hopeless place.
|| 1:06 AM

Had a super long day today. But first!
Say hi to Nor Al-Matin Bin Nor Azlan, the newest member to our family. Alhamdulillah syukur!

Such a handsome boy, to be honest. And he looks so much like his sister Natra Arianna! Clever boy, doesn't like to cry. Good, Matin in arabic means The Firm One.

Okay so, today has been an amaaaaazing day with Ray . Such a long day it was, so so tired right now. Firstly, why isn't there any taxi stand at the hugeass Aeon mall at Bukit Indah ? Secondly, scumbag taxi driver brought me to the further Jusco/Tesco. Brought us to Bukit Indah instead of Tebrau City or something . Lastly, they should start building transport system like our MRT.

Okay I'm not really complaining, but it's seriously so hard to go around JB without our own mode of transportation ): We had to depend on the taxi and it's so so hard to get one since there wasn't any taxi stand. But we had fun in a foreign place, that's for sure. So peaceful and green, unlike Singapore. Changed SGD$100, and I finished it all. Hahaha Spent half the day there figuring things out cause we were either lost or clueless.

& I had fun mixing English & Malay with Thai, Mandarin & newly learnt Hokkien words. Sanuk mak. Oh, and we were so so lucky when a taxi driver honked at us cause we were walking sort of 'aimlessly' and he took us back to City Square at 7pm+. Miracle!

Okay picture time.

Such a good good day. Alhamdulillah. Now back to normal working life...

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Happiness is not a destination.
|| 12:31 AM

"I feel like people get lost when they think of happiness as a destination. We're always thinking that someday we'll be happy. You know, we'll get that car or that job or that person in our lives that fixes everything. But happiness is a mood and a condition, it's not a destination. It's like being tired or hungry; it's not permanent, it comes and goes, and that's okay. And I feel like if people thought of it that way, they'd find happiness a lot more often."
- Tumblr

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Absolute week.
Saturday, July 7, 2012 || 1:20 PM

Hi. Life this week has been awesome mawsome. Besides work, I had 3 off days and they were all well-spent. Alhamdulillah.

With the Secondary School girlz. Chandini is leaving to Australia soon, and the last time the three of us met up was.... zillion years ago.  

After work, tuition, then went shopping w Syikin! And we had the bestest macaronz from Canele.

Whole day out w le Pig & the Fridaters! Spent the whole afternoon at town in search of Macaronz and present for Farah (even had indonesian food at Tambuah Mas for lunch!), and then to Punggol Waterfront for a mini garden picnic. 

more pictures of the Fridate on Farah's facebook.

Well-spent, well-spent. Now now, back to work. Sayonara.

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I'm glad you came..
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 || 12:54 AM

1. I am starting school this September. Am so nervous, but am determined to study again.

2. I've transferred to NUH Coffeebean & Tea Leaf. Freaking A Grade store, which means it's always busy busy busy.

3. Should I go anywhere, like Bangkok for example, before my school starts? *touch chin and think*.

And 4. I lost my Chanel perfume. Heart is now broken into million pieces.

Fasting month soon. Meow meow.