"Come with me, my love, to the sea of love"

Miss Koshka
Aisyah, 21, thinks that life is too short.
I don't believe in love, cause it makes people blind and crazy. I believe in Allah, & all the great things He has done. Want to know who's the perfect role model for a hijabi? Not me.
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p/p/s I'm a cat at night.

"Does your name rhyme with mine?"

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Sulk, centre parting, birthdays
Monday, August 30, 2010 || 6:35 PM

I am such a bad person
And I have a very very bad memory
Then how come I can imagine things like, soooo damn clearly, even if I wasn't there!?
Heck Like it or not,
I'm still going to sulk ):

Centre parting
 because it's my mother's and second brother's birthday today
That's whyyyyyy I'm naturally Amazing :)


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Saturday, August 28, 2010 || 10:23 PM

Source: deko-eric.com.my

I wanted to be an interior designer
... and lots more. I have lots of 'hidden' occupation that I just looove thinking about. 

Hmm, I'm going to list a few personal interior decor turn-ons :)

1/ Lights

 Either dark orange lights, or those really bright white ones. Chandelier would be nice. Omg I love ambient light effects. Everywhere. Even. In. Toilets. Wow jizz I mean, I'm always amazed at what couples are able to do after marriage - Bliss!
Haha Jizz and Bliss in one sentence. ANYWAYY, Chandelier...
And in my room, a small neon wordings, like something inspirational, maybe?
Then if Hari Raya, can have the 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri' okay wow
And if I marry Hari (if ah if)(Hari ah Hari), he loves Avatar effects. LOVES with all Caps, no kidding. 
So, no, the naked lady doesn't represent me in any way -_- but the whole UV lights and neons, definitely an interior decor turn-on :)

& chasing lights

Youre The Perfect Mark ...

2/ Curtains

Dark-coloured curtains if you want the cozy, warm, relaxing environment. Light-coloured used generally, to make the house/room looks bigger, and erm, just something very sweet? Earth/Neutral colours much preferred for light-coloured curtains :)

No pics. Refer to pictures above :)
Okay my living room's 

Aiya more like the left one. Right one contrast too high. Not-so-smart webcam.

3/ Cushions

Morrocan style, I like! 
Hogar Morocco on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
If room, white fluffy windows are definitely turn-on. Anyway, yeah, red cushions, colourful ones in facts, wahhh mom's not a fan of them though. She said, "buat berserak rumah aje" ):
Oh, she said they will make the house look messy.

4/ Carpet

(via dusttbunny)
<3 carpet and sweater
cozy! can I do this for my room please! So arabian style, with the carpet!
There's a looooottt at Geylang right now, haha, but again, mom doesn't like it, cause we have cats. ):
AND, they are expensive!! But I love carpets! So many things can do on it. Haahha doesn't make sense lah, diam lah.
Tiaras and Glass Slippers

5/ LCD or Plasma TV, 40" and above, light-coloured, not black!
Black ones are just too common. All 4 tvs in my house are black! The tv must be in front of the sofa, or in front of the bed. I'm thinking of so many things when the word 'bed' is typed, it's really annoying. Furthermore, I'm listening to Maher Zain's song, so soothing.

6/ Pictures

"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away." - Eudora Welty

prolly just a corner for polaroids, printed pictures from my loveeeeely film camera(s-hopefully!)
I Will Live - Polaroid to love - 我的爱 (via aldo.mariano)

7/ Windows. Full glass windows

" I Will Live " - (by Ova Hamer)

Okay bye =S
I suddenly forgot why I was so excited posting this -_-

So here's something that has made me excited a few minutes ago.

I'm damn vain lor like omg \m/
living life without Hari ):
ex-lover, bestest girlfriend, 'ex'-boyfriend, bestfriend, future ):

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(Hari to Tekong) Hari's 21st, just a teeny lil' peek okay!
Thursday, August 26, 2010 || 10:02 PM

pimp myspace - Gickr
Wow you can actually see Sugar going out of the house haha

Hari has left to Tekong, and I can't wait to see him again for Hari Raya and then after 2 years. 
That's him in blue. Everyone was fat, it's such an adorable sight. Haha. 
I don't want to talk so much about Hari & NS. It makes me sad ):
It's as if I've lost my best friend. Eh really lah, no need the 'as if'
): ): )':

Okay, I show you some pics taken at ECP during his 21st. My scanner is at one end of the room, rotting, so I've to start loving the webcam lah hehe
Ok so now enjoy the "slideshow"!
pimp myspace

I have VPM Term Test tomorrow.
Haven't studied. AT ALL. Tsk. 
Stamina. Stamina. I have to do this for Harrrrriiiiiiiiiii and my pareeennnntttssss!

With love, Aisyah.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010 || 11:32 AM

31st August, Tuesday
LAST Term Test II
2-3pm LT15

1st September, Wednesday
ACM Term Test II
10-11am LT7

3rd September, Friday
SAPrn Term Test II
11am - 12pm LT8

7th September, Tuesday
9.30-11.30am IT04-4-66
Seat No. 11

Unknown: VPM's


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Saturday, August 21, 2010 || 11:35 PM

space dye open front cardigansheer button up cardigan
rosette patch cold shoulder topbelted button up tunic top

they shit bricks, we shit rainbows & unicorns, okay Barry!!
|| 12:54 PM

I'll be reactivating facebook one day okay, haha, no mood to use facebook yet lah.
& sorry if my blog is like, on-off. Promise I won't do it again 

My pre-weekends(Thu & Fri) have been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Hari rented APV

 and we went out out outtttt with his family and friends. Was lazy (because he's not my boyfriend! hahahaha) but urgh nevermind for the soon-to-be-BotakMan.

Edit (now is 11:19pm):

Just now Hari and I prayed together :D :D It's funny because sometimes when I sujud, he couldn't see and he'll just stood there waiting. Okay, you don't understand nevermind, but farnyyy. Good attempt though, so please marry me thescubasite.com

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I'm Marvelous. I'm Marvelous. I'm Marvelous. I'm Marvelous.
Monday, August 16, 2010 || 11:38 PM

Thinking about the future gives me mixed feelings. Curiosity kills the cat, they say. Things have been awesome, prolly cause it's the holidays (almost) and I'm not worrying about the sem exams and term tests just as yet, but it seems like I'm sticking to the status quo. I don't like thinking about the past, neither do I like thinking about the future. As I said, mixed feelings. And as for the past, Idk, I just don't wish to waste my time thinking about things that have happened. All those "lessons learnt" craps, well, they happened for a reason!

It's always going to be you, no doubt about that. We have to go the extra mile, we have to work harder than others. Why? Because of our differences, which I have very much accepted and I'm so proud of you, boy, for embracing the truth :) Thanks for being there to watch me grow up, and supporting me as well. Of course. It's always going to be you. No, I'm not reassuring myself. I'm just starting the facts hahahah oh dear God, bless us :) I want to love him again!

Today, I was such a pig like, really. I think I still am! I wasn't being a good Muslimah, for I watched TV and lazed around the whole day! Watched Love Story 2050 on Zee Tv after doing 3 woodcraft thing.


Took me 4 hours to get everything done, and I was like, "OMG I want to do more ):" Haha
Will buy more soon!

I have no idea where those idiots have taken her. I don't get it, since when they trap neutered cats as well ): Sigh, whatever it is, I know she's strong enough. A miracle - too much to ask for? Rain, please try to find your way home. 

Oh my, this heart's too sore

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Kamal Adli
Sunday, August 15, 2010 || 1:43 PM

I prefer the girl in the second video to the girl he's dating now.

This is Kamal Adli, and I noticed him during Niyang Rapik. You know what's awesome?
He Abang Body ah [:
Tsktsktsk fasting month, close one eye hahaha

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unrelated titles, sounds good
Saturday, August 14, 2010 || 1:49 AM

The shoe fits a size 6 to a 6.5 (UK 4-4.5), which is obviously way to small for me!
nice online shop for vintage goodies. Go to http://fivestones-vintage.com/
I sooo want the skirt :)

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Ustaz KH. Zainuddin MZ
|| 1:12 AM

For more syarahan by him, go to http://search.4shared.com/q/1/islam and just scroll down down down
:) He's just very very good, and I just heard a 1-hour syarahan by him!
Oh, syarahan is sermon, by the way. Haha


Those were the days, my friends
Friday, August 13, 2010 || 2:30 AM

Chanced upon this picture, and wow...

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Productive Day? Yes indeed!
|| 2:03 AM

I am so bored that I'm beginning to question the level of productivity throughout the day. Yes, I think being productive is very important (recently) and I would want to sleep with a smile on my face every single night. Yes, I don't know when it all even started!

Today has been pretty amazing. Thank you God.
Okay you are dead. This is one of the WhatIDidToday post that most of us detest. I just couldn't help it. The day's too awesome, that a parking fine that I received in the afternoon did not even dampen my mood!

By the way...

A very happy 21st to a very special person, and yes, we all know who he is - Hari. Oh wow God, thank You for everything - how he was the one who texted me about TPLatino, how our mutual relationship turned into something special, how we grew up together and learnt from our past mistakes, never to repeat it again, how he was my lover and now, just a special special person that I wish to marry, and You, God, for showing him the right path and the way of life - Islam. Hari, I hope your day has been Amazing (with a capital A!) and yeah, keep on rockin' dude! We all love you!

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For the rest of my life,
Thursday, August 12, 2010 || 1:33 AM

So this is the pink Quran I was talking about.
Hari bought for me, and I think this is one of the best gifts in life, ever.
There's Malay translation, so I can finally understand why I've been reading.

Went to Darul Arqam today to join Hari's 2nd day of course. It was a pretty small class, and the Ustaz was interesting. Unfortunately I won't be joining tomorrow's class, but yeah it's definitely a must-go if y'all are interested to learn more about Islam. Something interesting to share: He asked this Catholic Filipina, "Who is Jesus?" and she would say God, then Son of God, then idkwhat Holy Spirit. After few questions asked by the Ustaz, everything she said just sounded very, erm, contradicting. He kept repeating this as well, "Prove it".

Nowadays I think my life is a mess. I can't control my emotions. I dare to say my iman tergugat, if I even use those words correctly. I haven't been communicating with God much, and yes, I'm in a mess. I don't know what's wrong, but I shan't elaborate much with my boo-hoo-hoo life. 

Goodnight everyone. Selamat berpuasa!

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