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Aisyah, 21, thinks that life is too short.
I don't believe in love, cause it makes people blind and crazy. I believe in Allah, & all the great things He has done. Want to know who's the perfect role model for a hijabi? Not me.
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Still here..
Friday, December 21, 2012 || 10:56 PM

I'll be back this Monday! Wait for me, alright. Gonna update on food+places to go+tips!

I'm a little home/cat-sick though, to be honest.

Thursday, December 13, 2012 || 12:31 AM

Going away again, this time for 11 days. Again to Thailand, but this time, not the busy Phuket & Bangkok, but Hat Yai. With family.

I need a break. Seems like I can't handle my life properly at the moment. I know I know, all those emo bullshit, & of course I'm not gonna publish it online or anything, but just that, I suck at handling the challenges.

Oh, and, I don't take it personally or call it 'jealousy', but I think my luck with Coffeebean is not there too. Oh, well..

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Meet Lianna
Monday, December 10, 2012 || 1:40 AM

Photo: #ootd @nurliebie
Had such an amazing day with this amazing girl, feeding our stomachs with amazing food & all this thanks to Him for making today a productive day :) This crazy girl went MIA from work (she was a chef in Holland V's CBTL) and we got to know each other during my attachment there as a barista, duh. And after 3 months, this lady & I decided to have a meet up, and my my my, our stomach must be really happy right now digesting all types of food that we had today!

Max Brenner's Chocolate Chunks Pizza The Works & Classic European Chocolate Fondue. It was heavenly, masya'Allah! & I was never a fan of chocolate until this! My third time having the pizza this year, and I find myself always craving for it :/ Must be the peanut butter. They have another fondue that cost $36 but I think the one we had, which cost $25.90 was nice too. A choice of two chocolate sauce (White chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. We chose white & milk) and they served us Toffee as the third sauce Idk why. In the bowl: generous servings of bananas, strawberries, cookies, brownie chunks, & marshmellows.

After that we had Starbucks, Spearmint Tea for her & Peppermint Mocha Cream for me. Hipster, much? Peppermint Mocha Cream (I just found out that if we want it coffee-free, just replace 'frappucino' to 'cream' hahaha) was sweeeeeet but once it got diluted after smoke break, it tasted like chocolate milk. I haven't made up my mind which is better - Coffeebean's x'mas drinks or Starbucks' :(  And when Ray joined us, we had "Pizza Hut Inspired" chicken drumlets at Burger King. Never a fan of Burger King (don't shoot me) but the drumlets were yummy. Went to Holland Village's Coffeebean & we both ordered Seafood Spaghetti Pasta (delicious!!!!! Y'all should give it a try. Cost $14.50). Did not take any photo of other food cs my phone pretty much died on me :( I said pretty much cs I was busy Instagram-ing & sending pics to Lianna via WhatsApp.

See, happy girls with big appetite :)

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Istanbul, forever now.
|| 1:12 AM

Above images credit to Google image search

Above gifs by amira-ahmad.tumblr.com



Istanbul Aku Datang was goooooooooood! I don't know whether is it the lighting, or the fact that Istanbul is such a beautiful country that makes everything about the movie so pleasant to watch. No I'm not going to type out the synopsis, or tell you how exactly the story goes, but some things/memories/thoughts just came into my mind..

No matter how long your relationship with someone is doesn't determine your future with them. The typical, "oh you two have been together for xx years?! Wow hurry up and get married!" doesn't make sense anymore, and people are saying it just for the sake of saying it, or if their intention is really good and sincere, to bring a smile to your face :) Ultimately, He decides, and we can only plan. What's important is for someone to be kind-hearted, and respect you for who you are. Respect. Even when they're mad at you. Girls, we are known for our bitchiness when we're mad, so we scold vulgarities and be all dramatic saying things that we don't mean. Cs we're girls and it's okay (hahahhaa i'm biased like nobody's business!) but guys, once they say things that are indirectly disrespectful, that's just plain fucked up. Guys, don't ever ever ever try to call your girlfriend a slut, cs that's just plain rude, don't you think so? So where am I going with this.......

Sometimes you gotta listen to your heart. 
HAHAHHA See la I type so much until Idk what I wanted to say initially. I got carried away talking about respect

Would love to travel to Istanbul with my family. I used to say things like, "I want to go everywhere with my future husband." but then I realised.... WTF MAN I HAVE A FAMILY TO LOVE SO WHY AM I THINKING OF FUTURE PLANS WITH A FUTURE SOMEBODEHHH So yea, have always wanted to go to Istanbul with my family. Or Morocco. Especially Hajj. 


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Wednesday, December 5, 2012 || 7:04 PM

When I say, “I love you,” it’s not because I want you or because I can’t have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try. I’ve seen your kindness and your strength. I’ve seen the best and the worst of you. And I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You’re a hell of a person.
Joss Whedon 

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BANGKOK 19-22 OCT 2012
|| 3:40 PM

Please take note. I didn't go to any statues or temple etc etc etc when I was in Bangkok. It was merely for shopping, nightlife, & an 'escape'.

Delicious delicious food that don't cost much. No food-poisoning this time round, so yay! Good food, healthy appetite, happy stomach, I'm not even complaining :> If you can't speak Thai, don't worry, point to the menu or something. Caution: Thais LOVE pork, so if you want 100% Halal food, make sure you choose the restaurants with a Halal sign, but don't be shocked if you see them selling alcohol. If you don't mind, then just eat the beef/chicken at a random stall, despite knowing that the same wok has been used for cooking pork. Your choice. To survive as a Muslim, pig: 'moo' no: 'mai' so I just said, "Mai ao moo" enough to survive I guess. Want: Ao.

Oh man now I'm hungry.

This Thai Pancake for 10 Baht each; that's like 40 cents each. Erm, looks pretty but I don't like it. Maybe you would find it delish, Idk.

Nutella pancake MASYA'ALLAH SEDAPNYAAAA Hahaha Wasn't craving for it though (Omg Aisyah, you're so dumb. Just get it cs you're at Thailand la, who cares about cravings?! Ikr) but it's different from Phuket's. Phuket's on a plate and cut into small pieces. But eh, sedap. I'll definitely get this the next time I go Thailand :)

Food, food and more food. But this one right here, shrimp/prawn pancake, is THE best. 

Very home-made, no? And yummy. Just don't buy the 'burnt' ones beside the orange (kaya), cs that's Pork floss or something. Urgh pork pork pork. Forbidden siol. Hehe

Is this classified under 'Food'? No photo-taking, but I'm a badass. 


Mmkay we all know Bangkok is known for shopping, and whoo there were/are/were/are night markets and flea markets EVERYWHERE. I didn't go Asiatique, so I have no idea what's there. It was a short trip, after all. But here's my recommendationz.

Where to go: Chatuchak Weekend Market. Feel free to spend one full day there, don't go anywhere else until 8pm. It's a non-smoking zone, a clean street, but good luck trying to find a rubbish bin ;) Don't bother bargaining if you're just gonna buy a single item from a stall. MBK. It's like Bugis street but in a mall! Complete. Allows bargaining, and everything under one roof. Oh btw, whoever who's heading there soon, buy for me dried mango & banana can? I forgot to buy OMG Platinum Mall. Good too! Go go go go. KHAO SAN ROAD OMG HOW CAN I FORGET. SO MANY ANGMOHS, THE BEST CLUB IN TOWN, AND CHEAP CHEAP FLEA MARKET! And feel free to go to other markets, ain't stoppin' ya

Where NOT to go: Just two. Patpong Night Market. So expensive. NO NEED LA. & Chatuchak Night Market which starts after 8pm. Maybe go for an hour, and go somewhere else. We got our charm bracelets there, and that's the only thing worth our time there :>

Chatuchak Weekend Market.


Setting up of Patpong Night Market. Nuuuuuuuu

I think this was at Khao San Road.

Eh Chatuchak again

Super crowded. Haha good luck.

Silom Flea Market? At Siam station.

Chatuchak Night Market

Khao San Road


Not something to be proud of and something I'd love to stop, is the nightlife & clubbinnnggggg. The best club we went was to The Club at Khao San. Singaporeans, especially Malays, please please please bring your passport along cs erm we kind of look like Thais & they need proof that we're foreigners, so... Yea.

Just two only okay? What we did for nightlife stays in Bangkok haha
Seems like we got scammed when a taxi driver recommended us the best clubs, which turned out to be places for cheap hoes and fucked up dudes who can't get chicks, and if you tell 'em that NO, GO TO XXX INSTEAD, the taxi drivers are gonna come up with 101 reasons why you should give other clubs a chance first. So you're gonna go in circles, to different cheap and low clubs before he agrees to go to the club you wanna go to. 

Travel by cab if you're traveling in a group; travel by train ONLY if you're alone or in pairs. Cs.... the cab there is really cheap and worth it. For example, ahem just an example, 5 of you, the cab fare cost about $10, so that's $2 each right? But the train ticket might cost $3 each, so that'd be $15 total. Get it? Moral of story: Listen to me. Hahaha and it's so easy to get cabs w meter.

Don't bother going to the pussy show, or ping pong show, cs it's mostly a scam in Bangkok. I went to the one in Phuket, and it was free entry, but every drink, EVERY DRINK EVEN MINERAL WATER, cost a bloody 500 Baht, which is ~S$20?! Not even kidding. So you can choose not to drink or something, not 'scam-ish' enough. But I've heard that Bangkok ones are baaaad news. So you decide.

Okay Idk what else to blog about. Oh, I need need need need a DSLR if I wanna travel more :( Money money come to mama? No? Okay :(

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