"Come with me, my love, to the sea of love"

Miss Koshka
Aisyah, 21, thinks that life is too short.
I don't believe in love, cause it makes people blind and crazy. I believe in Allah, & all the great things He has done. Want to know who's the perfect role model for a hijabi? Not me.
p/s click "life as it is" for archives.
p/p/s I'm a cat at night.

"Does your name rhyme with mine?"

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Cause he's a handsome handsome handsome man hahaha
Sunday, May 30, 2010 || 9:29 AM


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|| 12:35 AM

I'm not the kind of student who gets all As for her modules
Studying was fun last time, but I kind of lost it
To be honest, yes, I'm the average stupid kid next door who once thought quitting school and working early would be a good idea
Not anymore, of course, the Diploma isn't going to go to waste that easily, nah uh
Just. don't. mock. me.
The very least, to pass all my modules for this semester

cause I haven't figure out the definition of my own happiness


bye my lovely bear
Friday, May 28, 2010 || 11:16 AM

Happy Vesak Day, and of course happy holidays for the rest of us! It's going to be long weekend that's gonna be a real fast ride, as if it can't wait to welcome the Term Test week. Bummer.

Currently at Starbucks @ The Centrepoint, going to study a lil'. At 12, I'mma see a handsome charming guy working at the Samsonite Roadshow. My boyfriend, hahaha!

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cause he likes nature + avatar. cause he likes neon lights, and he's awesomeeeee
Monday, May 24, 2010 || 9:42 PM


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one day we do this k Hari! after school (MY school) go to beach and sleeeeeep Hahahah
|| 9:24 PM

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and if my hair's long enough, bun it up and look sophisticated. Ahhh padahal lecture notes O.O I must feel smart to be smart!
|| 2:29 PM

I want to go to a cafe
Read the crazyass notes _ posted on OLIVE
Highlight important details
Understand them
while drinking hot chocolate (with thick foam)

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yadayadayada bazingga!
|| 12:52 AM

I'm going to sleep soon, so I hope I didn't miss out anything important, like if there's test tomorrow or something. I bought my apple cider vinegar, and I'm going to buy Green Tea (10 sachets will do) and a small jar of honey. I'm going to do the mask/toner for my pimple-face, and hopefully I'm going to save a lot of $ by doing this. It's silly, but I don't like going for facial. Ego much? Haha Unless if tomorrow's my wedding and I have no choice, then by all means recommend me a good place for facial and treatment. Speaking of wedding, I'm planning to marry at a young age so that it's less sinful AND so that my parents can see and carry my kids around. My parents are not getting younger, and if possible, I want them to see my kids' kids too. Life is too short, and like what my mom always say, "The Earth is just borrowing us". The thought of death is yes, very scary, but the thought of meeting the people you love in Heaven is indeed blissful. Allah is Great. Why do people judge others so so so quickly? I marry at young age means I'm pregnant (before marriage) is it? Goodness...

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same like the previous post. Enjoy!
Sunday, May 23, 2010 || 1:33 PM

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|| 1:27 PM

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|| 1:13 PM

I want to tell my children about this crazy tale

DIY Mask
|| 12:54 PM

Mask and toner, separately of course
Scar reducing and treats acne!
I've tried egg facial mask before, and it's nice.

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We were fools. We were a big, big fool.
|| 12:38 PM

I am more confused than ever. I wished it wasn't a joke.
School is giving me a crazy term test timetable.
LAST and ACM on the same day. Bummer.
I'm so selfish, and I think too much.

I have an assignment due tomorrow. Ciao

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Friday, May 21, 2010 || 11:19 AM


Click on the link above... On BGR in Islam.

SUE, I-forgot-his-name, BRICK, SUE, AXL
Thursday, May 20, 2010 || 11:26 PM

Currently our favourite.
The Middle Season 1.

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daun daun kekeringannnnn
|| 12:22 PM

Today there's gonna be a mass murder at TP Animal Facility. We're killing rats, and we're all evil. The most we can do is to kill them, then send some prayers. No, we're not euthanising them. We are killing them. Don't fool yourself.

We've lost another local comedian from Suria, Yusof Bai. Innalillah...

Why is the world always so upsetting? Graduation Day is upsetting for me, because Harindra's officially out of TP and though there's not much difference since he's my boyfriend, I'm going to miss him somehow. Amanda and I are not graduating together with the class, and pfft grr urgh hhh okay. Not because it's not with the class, but because poly life hasn't been so awesome. Haha!

I'm taking public transport today. That's going to be difficult HHAHAHAHA but hey,

I'm going to fetch Harindra from work after school :)

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Because I think I've found the reason behind my recently-happy life. Islam. (:
Tuesday, May 18, 2010 || 8:40 PM

I want to, but is it ever to late? It's hard, because we're always surrounded. I have to fair. I'm riding bike to school almost every day, so anytime can be my time. I have to avoid all kinds, but the temptaion's too hard. I'm so sorry ): I want to start, but. Sigh, there's always a but. I hope The Almighty will guide me.

Yup, the above has many fill-in-the-blanks.

You gotta be grateful. At least I don't edit my photos, and my camera somehow didn't capture my pimples. And at least I am grateful with the way I look
*clears throat*

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"Cinta tidak perlu dicari kerana cinta akan datang sendiri."
Monday, May 17, 2010 || 7:36 PM


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it's such a sweet feeling... this feeling I get... Close the door, make no noise, keep it a secret...
Saturday, May 15, 2010 || 2:22 AM

avatars myspace with GickrGickr helps you to pimp your myspacepimp your myspace at Gickr.com

Life has been good.

School has been very good. I'm getting the hang of everything, except for ACM. I can't afford to fail it again, or else I'd be kicked out of TP. But you know what's awesome? MGEN lecturer/tutorial teacher was being such a darling. Mr Paul praised me, not because I'm coping well with MGEN, but because of my results for Semester 2.2! And I told him that he's the best lecturer, ever. Because it's true, and I want Amanda to join my MGEN tutorial every week. MGEN lab is awesome too. LAST is probably my least subject (besides ACM) for the obvious reason that we have to euthanise the rats just because "we have to learn it" FUCK LAH SO CRUEL. SCIENTIFIC PURPOSE MY ASS LAH. But I'm not going to hate it cause it'll bring me a bad karma (and the rat's gonna haunt me) I hate it when I have no choice. Hmm what else... Yeah just that school is fine.

I love my family so much. The dinners, the gathering to watch movies from pirated dvds and the gathering at busu's house have been amazing. There's always nothing to worry about, and no matter what, you know that your family's got your back. No matter what. Always. 100%. I still sleep with my parents, for your information. And when I wake up in the middle of night after a nightmare, I'd wake her up and ask her to hug me. Cause we are lovers.

Love? I'll never get tired of him. And he means everything to me. That's all I'm saying.

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Don't laugh at me mother elf! Haha
Tuesday, May 11, 2010 || 8:52 PM

For your entertainment. I know I'm not supposed to be surfing the net. SAPrn test tomorrow.

Egg Mask Facial

Banana Facial Mask

Everything happens for a reason. There's probably a weird reason as to why God is punishing me. Pimples are everywhere and I have natural blusher, which is an undesirable shade of RED! I miss the old Aisyah. But you know why I'm lucky? God ensures that Harindra stays with me no matter what. Harindra ftw!

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Monday, May 10, 2010 || 10:59 PM

Just realised that I have yet to do a couple of school stuff ): Y'know, I just wish that I dislike sleeping, so that I can make full use of my 24-hours-per-day. But too bad, sleeping is probably one of my favourite things to do :P

Goodnight everyone! I'mma make my family & boyfriend proud of me! Right..


a whole new world...
|| 12:16 AM

Tomorrow's Harindra's first day of work at *
He's a salesperson now, a newbie at that.
I wish you all the best, my love. We won't be spending much time together, but let's succeed in whatever we're doing. I'll try to do well in school...
Allah loves those who put in effort, so let us work hard okay Harindra!


Darul Arqam
Sunday, May 9, 2010 || 3:15 AM

I'm going to blog about a special place. The place's a real wonder, and the existence of this place makes me ever so proud of being a Muslim. My aunt teaches there, and she has brought me there a few times when I was young. As you all know, Harindra is not a Muslim, and I don't know whether it's necessary to include the word 'yet' after the word 'Muslim'. Although I would honestly say, I was pretty offended when he asked about the reliability of this place. He's not to be blamed, of course. He's still a stranger. And I'm going to do a short post on this.

Introduction to Islam Click the link, but if you're too lazy (...) then here's something I've copied and pasted. Awed? Click the link ;)


Islam is an Arabic term which means submission and obedience. Submission is to accept Allah's commands and one who submits to Allah's command is called a Muslim. Acceptance of Allah's commands requires one to act and behave in a specific way. That is, one has to put into practice His commands. Only then he would have obeyed Allah and thus submitted to His commands. Submission to His commands reflects one's submission to Allah Himself. Allah's commands cover all aspects of a man's life. That is why Islam is referred ,to as "ad-din" - a complete way of life. Islam provides guidance for man from Allah, the Creator of the Universe. As a complete way of life, it gives guidance in respect of conducting man's private, social, political, economic, moral and spiritual affairs. Islam provides answers to man's most pressing questions on life, such as the purpose of creation, final destiny and man's place in the Universe and among its other creatures.

Submission and obedience to Allah bring peace. That is why the word 'Islam' also means peace or as a means to establish peace. There is peace in everything. From the high mountain to the deep blue sea, from the bird in the sky to the worm in the soil, all submit to Allah's commands they find peace in their existence and in their relations with the rest of the creation. And there is no contradiction in His creation. Everything fits in the realm of creation perfectly and harmoniously to collectively for the universe.

Subhanallah. You should go see the website, it's really breathtaking. There is also other sub-topics, like these:
The Message of Islam
Islam by Choice
Islam and Muslim
Complete way of life
Purpose of Creation
Origin of Islam
Allah and Angels
The first pillar of Islam
The second pillar of Islam
The third pillar of Islam
The fourth pillar of Islam
The fifth pillar of Islam
Knowing Islam Session
Imagine what it's like to be STUDYING there!
okay let's talk about strangers like, say, Harindra. He's not 100% clueless, but he needs to start from somewhere, correct? There's courses like:
This is an introductory course which provides a comprehensive overview of the basic beliefs and practices of Islam. ... The Division also offers a follow-up programme to the BCI in the form of prayer tutorials. Registration is open to all, including non-Muslims. It is advisable that a newcomer joins the class at the very beginning to avoid confusion.
The BCI will cover:

What is Islam
The 6 Articles of Faith
The 5 Pillars of Islam

At-Taharah (Purification)
Introduction to Salah Fardhu (compulsory prayers) including Friday Prayer
The Shariah (Islamic Law) & some common terminologies  
There's also many other courses, focusing on 1) Solat, 2)Quran Reading and 3)Others (go check out the website)

Okay fine, I'm not a good blogger. I don't post the whole content here, that's because I believe I left a link somewhere up up up? Haha
And it's 3.14am, not the best time to blog actually.

All I can say to myself is, to have faith. (:


In summary, you're more than just that special someone. - From Aisyah With Love
|| 2:23 AM

Mind's racing
Heart's beating fast
Hormones getting a tad overexcited
Can't see nothing, everything's just a blur
Mouth getting too dry, and licking of lips doesn't help cause tongue's just not flexible like before
Suffocated, yet so grateful for the ability to respire
Or is dropping dead even the option?
Eyelids got heavier, it's time to just shut it close. Why defy gravity?
Slight movement of the lips, enough to read some Bismillah

Now you look into my eyes.
And tell me, what do you see?


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Tuesday, May 4, 2010 || 4:10 AM

My life revolves around school, home and Harindra.
Am I happy? (;
It's 4, and I'm going to sleep.
I just did my resume & cover letter.
Yawn with me now.

p/s I shouted my mother's name just a few seconds ago, because of a fucking big cockroach. She's a wonderwoman. (:

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they said i done this, they said i done that. you're stupid to believe, hoe
|| 12:43 AM

Nope, I didn't use any vintage camera to capture these pictures, or use the multiple-shots-in-1-frame thingy. I used my handphone to capture these during lecture! And what phone am I using? Nothing fancy, just some old Nokia phone. *insert fuck yeah gif*

I didn't know Ciara is that sexy. Just watched 'Love Sex And Magic' and 'Takin' Back My Love'. With Enrique Iglesias = lucky bitch.

Yeah, it's weird how girls enjoy bad boys. For me, it's just Enrique and Shayne Ward :)

I can make you believe in love and sex and magic.

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is there a soulmate for everyone?
Monday, May 3, 2010 || 1:45 AM

Lecture day, except  for 12-1 pm slot, which is MGEN tutorial.
Lecture day = easypeasy day (:
Going to start the day with Harindra. He has interview with _ for a part-time position.
Anja's somewhere. He'll be back by tomorrow *cross fingers* he's back!
I'm going to get A for tomorrow's MGEN tutorial quiz.
I'm going to think positive for the whole week.

Aku berterima kasih kepada Dia Yang Maha Esa. Atas segalanya. (': Alhamdulillah. Amin.

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