"Come with me, my love, to the sea of love"

Miss Koshka
Aisyah, 21, thinks that life is too short.
I don't believe in love, cause it makes people blind and crazy. I believe in Allah, & all the great things He has done. Want to know who's the perfect role model for a hijabi? Not me.
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p/p/s I'm a cat at night.

"Does your name rhyme with mine?"

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And when we kiss, ooooooh fire
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 || 11:45 PM

 I walked behind a secondary school couple, and I had a hugeass cloud bubble, filled with question marks. 

Here's some of them, in random order: 
(Oh, by 'your', I meant mine. My opinions. Ok nevermind)
1. What's your definition of love?
2. If you were given the choice, would you live your current life single, or in a relationship?
3. What are your views on sexual activities before marriage? 
4. What do you think is the ideal age for someone to have a boyfriend?
5. Anything to say to your friends who are single now?
6. Views on Public Display of Affection, and cliche/mushy facebook statuses?

Not a surprise why those questions popped into my mind after seeing the young puppy love. No offense, but I think boys are really childish. I call them 'men' only if they behave like one. My principle, never ever date or like someone of the same age as me, and dating younger guys is definitely a taboo. Of course, there are exceptions (categorizing the guys, not dating them), cause not all boys are the same. But really, men are so much more worth it; Men are yummy. Dating boys of the same age or younger is like, dating a small girl. Oh, and again, no offense, but I don't think secondary school relationship big of a deal. One of the reasons, refer to above. Next reason, secondary school guys have fuming raging hormones. All they care about is your boobs, and how they can make you wet. Wait, that sounds quite nice of them. Let me rephrase that. All they care about is your boobs (the bigger the betta) and how you can make their 'Little Brother' stand and boom! Explosion. And what do they do next? 

Tell their friends.

What pathetic bunch of losers. Yes, I had crushes too of course, but nothing more than that. I disliked boys so much. (and ya ya, exceptions). Thirdly (or lastly), 4 years of secondary school r/s is nothing compared to 4 years of r/s in the real world.

And then I told myself to get rid of that mindset. And here I am now.
Happy. Cause I'm with a guy older than me.

EH what's your problem?

Y'know what's cool and what's not? Cool - If you answer the questions above. Or at least think about it. Not - I haven't done APEL which is to be submitted online by July 1st.

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|| 12:46 AM

You know what I reeeeaaalllyy want now?
A back massage. By you-know-who

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Bukan hanya sementara, tetapi buat selama-lamanya. H
|| 12:20 AM

I know I'm not as bright as them, but at least I'm trying
It's not as if I totally neglect my responsibilities. I can't even prove it. Big eff.
Maybe last time was a tad disappointing, but I'm no longer like that.
I can't wait to graduate, and tho I have to take my SIP after their 3.2, I'm not going to give up that easy.
I'm not that kind of person anymore. I'm studying real smart now, y'know!
I'm proud of myself, and I'm not ashamed to say that. FOR THE WIN!

I'm listening to Jab We Met songs, on playlist. Awesome. Hindi and Arab songs can make me so in love with,  love! And speaking of love, would you like to get more personal with me? Hahahaha whatever I meant eh. I understand now, what my aunt meant by "working life r/s will be different. The world just seems so much bigger, too" Funny, he hasn't even surrendered his I/C yet, and he's working as a part-timer. Yep, not full-timer! Full shift almost everyday now, and the last time I saw him was sooooo long ago.

Which is last night. Kidding about the 'soooo long ago' part. Not funny.

So anyway, our endless meetings have become those short sms-es that's sent only during rare free period & after work. Ya Allah, I would like to grow old faster, and then when I'm 22 and he's 24, make us stay at that age for a while okay? Yes, growing old is mandatory, but growing up, no need lah. I love being a spoilt brat in dilemma.

This song is beautiful, by the way :) 

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your blog made me laugh this morning :D thanks haha! and thank you for following me :)
Sunday, June 27, 2010 || 5:09 PM

I take that as a compliment, I guess haha yesss sure thing, your tumblr's awesome :)

Ask me anything

|| 5:02 PM

alittlebang.bs is updated, H!

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|| 12:19 PM

Hi good morning!

|| 3:24 AM

I'mma give you a good hug if :)

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because you loved me
Friday, June 25, 2010 || 10:27 PM

Just wondering, how painful is a heartbreak right after a break-up? I haven't experienced it, and I never, ever want to. Is it painful beyond words? Something that cannot explained until you experience it yourself? Does it really take two hands to clap? And how do people begin loving someone else? And, how can feelings just come, and go?
How do couple hurt each other until there's nothing left to hurt? How do a person know if someone is meant for them? Do they know how to differentiate love, lust, and like? Why is everyone so afraid of 'first love'? Yes, it's something one can never forget, but why do I hear people saying, "No way you're going to marry your first boyfriend lah!" ?
It's somewhat a trend to do love-break-patch-love routine - Obviously something I detest. What is the point? Good make-up sex (this is plain dumb)? Stronger love each time they get back together? "If it's meant to be, he'll come back to you"? Dumb shit, seriously nonsense.

I'm happy, really. Very very very happy in love, to be honest. It's just that, the thought of it is making me shit bricks. Haha, shit bricks.

taken looooong time ago haha

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pocketful of sunshine
|| 9:31 PM

Beautiful sunshine today :)


Puisi Cinta
|| 4:25 AM

Tanpa mu siapalah aku.
Wahai sayangku,
Tahukah engkau
Betapa diriku ini sentiasa gelisah menanti kepulangan mu?
Betapa diriku ini sentiasa terbayang senyuman manis mu?
Betapa hatiku ini merasa kekosongan tanpa kehadiran mu?

 Semoga segalanya direstui Yang Maha Esa. Bersabarlah kasih, InsyaAllah...
(Spoil. It's kind of funny cause you can't even understand this post, Hari!)

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how do I get through the night without you?
|| 1:07 AM

"Life has been good."

I like it when I start my post with "Life has been good." It just shows how positive things have been around me, and how happiness is the most important thing on Earth, no matter how different the definition of 'happiness' is to everybody.

Let's start with school. I have been getting satisfactory grades for 3 subjects so far.
MGEN - 42/50
VPM - 37/50
CSAS4 - 11.5/15 for cover letter, 7/10 for resume, 30/40 for editing test
Have yet to get back the results for SAPrn, LAST and ACM. Good or bad ACM results going to be, it won't affect me because Amanda helped me a lot. She helped me too much cause I was freaking out badly. I hate ACM. I hate how inconsiderate KFC is, and I hate how low my confidence is for this 5cu module. Only Amanda knows how freaked out I may be, haha! So school has been good, and I'm aiming for all pass. We handled mice today for LAST lab, and I think it's so much easier than rats, and thankfully, we're handling mice for the practical test, so extra focus this term! Oh, and I can't wait for the study break + sem break. It's going to be a long one, thanks to YOG.

Now, with family.

There's going to be a new addition to the family. I don't think it's appropriate if I post about it just yet, so next time then. All I can say is, I'm so so proud and happy of ___, and I can get all emotional thinking about it!! (': Syukur Alhamdulillah. Next, 2 of my kittens have been sterilized: Comel and Baby. $160.50 for each cat, now my ATM card is just a card with some money left. Well, it's okay. Anja's appointment is this Monday. I feel sad for them of course, but we all know it's for the better. No more cats after them. Dad loves me. He said that if Hari wants to marry me, hantaran money going to be $__k, cause he said that I'm his "only daughter" and he spent a lot for me hahaha the child with most demand. awwww

I hit a curb while turning at the T-junction. I was trying to pass this bus, but then *palmface* bus takes a wider turn mah, so I needed to die-die squeeze. Thank you bus driver for waiting for me hahahaha and I thank God for keeping me alive despite me having headache while riding from Tampines to Bukit Batok.
Hari, if you're reading this, sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I don't want you to worry. I hit a curb, but I didn't kanchiong, so it wasn't that bad. I haven't told my parents yet! Nah, not telling. I love yall :):):)

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Officially Missing You - Tamia (covers)
Thursday, June 24, 2010 || 9:52 PM

|| 7:01 PM

Me: I know I know, I watched a bit! I remember boy, the moment we kissed, I could only think about your lips. Yes I remember boy, the moment I knew u're the one I could spend my life with <3

Hari: awww... is it made by you dear?

Me: No, "My Boo" hahaha

Hari: -_- alamak..

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hey,how come you hardly wear shorts anymore?
|| 12:58 PM

I'm not a good Muslim, but I want to start somewhere, and shorts will be the first :) Even tho it's kind of funny to say this and still wear leggings/tight jeans, let me emphasize on the "i want to start SOMEWHERE".

Ask me anything

cheers, to such a magical friendship
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 || 9:56 PM

Not just with them, but the whole clique
The best part of going to school every day, rain or shine
Those were the days where getting an MC is out of the question
because we love school so much, like that
Cheers, to such magical friendship
I love you all too much :)
Please take care and study hard!!

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betapa indahnya hidup tanpa peperangan
Monday, June 21, 2010 || 11:15 PM

But then you do this thing,

where you become so utterly irresistable,

that I can't help but want you.

Constantly, every minute of every day.

vivre, rire, aimer


go figure
|| 11:12 PM

I got too excited just now. I missed those old times, that's all. I stopped, and realised that I was trying to be a fool and began lying to myself. It's 2010 already, it's never too late to re-start.

So near yet so far, but it's no longer going to be the same anymore. We wanted it so much, but now that it's time, we just have to keep our heads up and smile, cause that's what we're supposed to do. Smile. Moment of love. 2011, please be good.

Something's pushing me forward, and it's a good push. But why do I feel so, shocked? Why am I hesitating, and why am I not welcoming things with an open mind? Think positive, so I forced myself. I'm reaching the finishing line... but why do I just feel like stopping and just take a slow walk there? Mmmm =/

I fell too deep, and now I'm just not patient enough. Wait, he says. A good future ahead. It's our 25th soon, and we have never fought like #$%%z^ before, and boy am I so glad. This is what I need.

Reminder to self: It's all worth it in the end. Don't give up. Never say never. ;D


from me to you. cinta - sepenuh hati. sayang - tiada batas. kawan - setia selamanya. seumur hidupku, akan ku cinta padamu, kekasihku H (:
Saturday, June 19, 2010 || 12:47 AM

Finally watched the last episode of this drama
Loves the part where the guy went beside her and played with her hair
I can imagine Hari doing that =O hahaha
I felt so attached to this drama and I didn't want it to end. I want to be with Aqiv Zamani  as well.
Aqiv is such a nice name, now now, should I include that as the "nominee"? YkIk
Now now, holy moly, I hope he's fine

I wasn't expecting it to be a draw. Slovenia was so good, and I wanted them to win, instead of a draw
Those who noticed my tumblr post (where I went all, "GO USA!"), well, it wasn't for real
I didn't want USA to win. I did that because Tim Howard asked me to
I'm a Man U fan, so I'm biased like that
The first Slovenia goal was Amazing with a capital 'a', no kidding
F draw matches - sucha waste of time
But hey hey, Slovenia is still at the top with 4 points, followed by USA with 2
I hope England wins later - I'm staying up no matter what!

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Friday, June 18, 2010 || 5:38 PM

Unexpectedly, again, another one :)

|| 4:20 PM

HELLO PEOPLE, It's my dearest Amanda's 19th birthday today! She's another hot-sizzle Indian friend of mine (haha like v necessary like that uh), and has always been there for me. In short, she's awesome/amazin' (British accent). I hate you if you make fun of her. Not that she's cacat (hahaha amanda!) but cause she didn't do well when she was with the A8K2. Well holy cows, guess what? She's doing exceptionally well this semester and I'm very very proud of her! And to that plankton who said, "I want to fail everything and then retake them all", go and masturbate with your computer wife, or husband, in this case. I said with! OMG MANDY WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT HER!?! Anyway I'm so happy to know her(Amanda) :D

One fine day, we'll do a video of us speaking in british accent, filipino accent, and whatnot! Backpack to India (India!?), holiday to Australia, and everything else. Love you Panda! Happy 19th Birthday!
(Amanda's the one on the left! Right is her younger sister)

With love, A.

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beautiful shot haha
|| 4:00 PM


The left is mine, and the right one's my son/brother.
Definitely an unexpected shot, because both of them were moving too much and I couldn't possibly say, "Anja, stop moving and say cheese!", could I? I think this picture is very beautiful (:
I love both of them so much (':

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One more I forgot to add (from formspring). Say anything to me, sexy people.
|| 3:35 PM

i already save yr pic,print n put in my wallet for gd luck charm.haha.serious sia it might scare sum ghost away.

HAHA you're so obedient, I like! trust me, it can scare more scary things away, not just ghosts...

yay you support England! England is not arrogant ok. hehe oh aida here!
|| 3:33 PM

ONE of the teams I'm supporting. A no-no is Germany, France, Spain, Brazil. :D

Ask me anything

Thursday, June 17, 2010 || 10:27 AM

Like, just a millisecond after I woke up, cause I saw the reflection of my huge lips on my phone's screen, so ta-dah


Zamina mina, eh eh. Waka waka, eh eh. Zamina mina, zangalewa (?), Anawa ah ah
|| 12:19 AM

It must be really frustrating to be Spain's fan. Not cause they lost (well...) but more to the fact that they could have scored, but nope. They had so many more chances as compared to the Swiss, but unexpectedly,  the Swiss won, which is good :) I don't like arrogant teams and I am definitely supporting the Underdogs (with a few exceptions of course, like England) for World Cup 2010. I feel there's too many people supporting Spain, so yes, Swiss deserves some lovin', people!

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staring at their soft lips as they talk
Wednesday, June 16, 2010 || 1:12 AM

Personal rating of 3/5 perhaps? The Karate Kid was a tad draggy, to be honest. Dre Parker, played by Jaden Smith, was such an adorable character. He's going to be huge in the Hollywood scene, just like his dad. Predictable plot and a couple of scenes that just wanna make you take a short rest. But other than that, pretty alright, cause it's humorous.

I love Amanda & Tiffany Raj! They're sweethearts too, y'know!!! Thanks, you guys, for coming all the way here to give us the pretty cupcakes (I haven't tried it yet and I will, tomorrow!), the lunch/movie/lazy-afternoon at Mami's Crib (haha) and accompanying me to visit Sugar. (: By the way, Sugar's fine, and most probably he can be back home tomorrow. InsyaAllah.

Evening with Harindra was fine, so damn fine. Thanks for the L, and semoga Allah selalu melindungimu, kasih (: Tomorrow's going to be a good and productive day for you (cause I'm a psychic like that)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010 || 12:07 AM

Wanted the Cameroon to win simply because I love Blacks, but Japan deserved to win.

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kasih sayang, di dunia and di akhirat.
Monday, June 14, 2010 || 9:00 PM


I'm so sad cause RCTI isn't showing the Holland match (for this, thankful that my handsome Nistelrooy's not playing). Go Holland!
I like this song, and Marina's very gorgeous.

My beautiful family, and that beautiful man of mine,
kurniaan Allah yang paling berharga...

p/s Who I'm reeaallyy supporting? Holland, Portugal, England, Italy (haha so many ah!)

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To the man of my dream, HEY YA!
|| 2:30 AM


Another movie that's awesome. I think my kekasih is right - I like a lot of actors. Haha
 Okay I'm really coughing a lot. Time for bed. World Cup tonight, Germany will win?
So far the WC has been pretty un-exciting, most of the matches are like 0-0, 1-1 which is such a bore. Come on, it's at South Africa for goodness sake, so spice things up a little with your genius/mastermind plans

p/s When I get married, The BackUp Plan would be my inspiration to ____

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Dari pandangan mata Oh aku tergoda
|| 1:51 AM

I larve Aqiv Zamani, cause he has a sweet smile and I think he is handsome for a married man

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This time for Africa!
Friday, June 11, 2010 || 10:07 PM

I miss Cristiano Ronaldo. I miss Ruud Van Nistelrooy. ): ): ):
(Did you know, I once had a dream that C. Ronaldo kissed my cheek before. Almost gave me an orgasm, haha, just kidding!)
How weird, I'm watching the firssstttt match of World Cup (cause I believe it's staged and I feel cheated!) but hey, this year's going to be different. It's held at one of the best countries ever, with the best kind of people with the best kind of aura and excitement.

I think South Africa should win. Oh, but what's CONFIRMED? France going to win. If they lose, then it's good drama. If they win, haha staged and predictable. We'll see.


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Like a virgin... touched for the very first time!!
Thursday, June 10, 2010 || 7:36 PM

I'm coughing a lot, and my throat really hurts a lot ):
I woke up at 12pm today, because I kept going back to sleep so that I could continue dreaming.
It was not really a good dream, somewhat a nightmare. Strangely, a nightmare that I enjoy.
I'm being very very lazy, and I'm not bothered to do my school stuffs. I'm a productive procrastinator.
Or so, I believe.
Sugar is sick and dad wants to bring him to the vet. Mom said we'll see how it goes.
The thing about cats is, readers, they don't need frequent visits to the vet because they will cure on their own after few days. No kidding.
I need to change the bedding of the hamster cages, and et cetera et cetera.
Maghrib solat, so I'll ttyl ;)

p/s i love you

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Pizza Hut Singapore
|| 4:21 PM

This Pizza Hut commercial makes me laugh ;D

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Letter From Camp Mad Lib
Wednesday, June 9, 2010 || 1:41 PM

Letter From Camp Mad Lib

Dear Aisyah,
I am having a(n) fat time at camp. The counselour is lazy and the food is handsome. I met Qeeza and we became noisy friends. Unfortunately, Qeeza is Burmese and I farted my mouth so we couldn`t go sniffing like everybody else. I need more tissues and a newspaper sharpener, so please harmfully disinfect more when you amputate back.
Your Harindra,

formspring reply
|| 1:12 PM

hey, i miss you! i forget my previous username for formspring!

Hi Fitri! I miss you too! Kendarat soon, since it's June already!! :D


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Today has been so productive. I'mma wake up early and help mom with the housework tomorrow. I'm having cough though, so hope I'll feel better after sleep. Oh, did you know that I love my daaadddddd so much!? Nah random, just feel like saying it.
|| 1:19 AM


Unlike last year, I'm not going to tell you
that happened on our anniversary. I know all of you don't want to know either, but I have the habit of blogging non-stop when I get excited about something. (;

Happy 2nd once again, Harindra. You are theeeeeee bez.

Anyway, Prince of Persia is a must-watch, and you don't need so many people to tell you that right!? If you have yet to catch it, what are you waiting for?! The ending was a bit lousy for me, but just a bit. Other than that, it's like, ftw ranking right after Avatar? Oh, I think the ending was lousy because my expectation was too high! But nonetheless, go get your tickets now.

Today has been so productive. Beside our anniversary day-out, Mom brought me to do my facial, which of course, costs nearly $200 because it's some purifying stuff. Somehow my whole family (mom, aunts, sister-in-law's family) has tried it, and their face are glowing now. Ahem. So I hope God has mercy on me. Please, God, I don't want to have pimple face on my wedding day.

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formspring reply
|| 12:04 AM

where is your tagboard?? btw, when are you free this week? cos i'm baking chocolate cupcakes for your mummy. haha, cos she always takes care of me so well, and i was too busy to do anything for her on mother's day! oh and i am amanda. haha!

people like YOU read my blog but never tag what! haha amanda why u sooo random and sweet ah? haha! don't need to trouble yourself lahhhhh anyway I'm free everyday except for tuesday morning and wednesday afternoon!


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and hey, it's 2010 already!
Sunday, June 6, 2010 || 12:46 PM

Our Raya 2008 picture.
We've changed SO much, appearance wise.
What happened to pimples and skin tone and jaw line!?

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Sneak Peek
|| 10:29 AM

And another great Saturday I had. Met up with them after tuition (pictures to be uploaded later), and we went to Central for lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. Definitely not the main plan, cause we can't plan for nuts. Oh, and we all rented two cars! Then we went to Paya Lebar Grandlink for cheap karaoke!
What a good Saturday.

Today's Doggy Adoption at 110 Turf Club Road. See you there! (No, I'm not adopting them doggies, I'm a volunteer!)

p/s tomorrow's 7th. it's our 2nd anniversary. xoxo

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Ikan pepes, perkadellll, tall family, pianist indonesian kid (who is very handsome), mohawk baby, and many many many more actually! haha
Saturday, June 5, 2010 || 11:08 AM

My phone got crazy, and I'm currently using the China Phone. I've been using not-so-trendy phones nowadays, and I think I've downgraded too much. I've studied hard this semester. Not much of memorising and more on understanding, and I attended almost all lectures! (Cough. Almost all). I think it's just appropriate if my parents get me a Blackberry Curve. I want a phone that is so so feminine. And since Hari's phone was nciely stolen, I think you should get one too, Hari! And and and, since Amanda's phone is going to zzz soon, you too Mandy! Say No to iPhone please, it's so common. Probably cause I'm not the touch-screen kind of person?

BlackBerry Curve

Anywaaaaay, yesterday was so awesome! Amanda brought us to Tambuah Mas at Paragon, and it was such an amazing experience! The food was very good, and the place is pretty! We laughed so much yesterday, and yeah, the food's awesome. Thank you Mandy!

Here's the website: http://tambuahmas.com.sg/

Pictures to be uploaded later :)
Have a nice day everyone!

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ada hikmah yang pasti
Thursday, June 3, 2010 || 10:12 PM

I need new lingerie cause I'm sick and tired of the old ones
I know beautiful lingerie is a must-have after marriage, but my lacy ones and my favourite black are giving me some degree of confidence, so a beautiful set of bra and panties I must have ;) Do you believe in inner beauty? If yes, then you'll totally agree with me! One day, I'mma use my tuition pay and go on a lingerie spree.

So I have 2 papers left (or to be in denial, I'm going to say, "I have 2 more papers to go!"), MGEN and LAST. I absolutely looovvveeee Mr Paul so I'm aiming high for this one, and Yee Mon is a nice teacher to me and Mandy, so I'm going to do well for this as well. VPM today was crazy. It was fine at first, but when I looked at Section B, I was like, fffuuuuuuu 20 marks question.

If you've read my previous posts, you'd know that I am not really looking forward to the term break. Same goes for my prayers - whenever I finish my period, I will find myself sooo lazy to pray! Which is very very bad of course, but all i gotta do is get back up when it knocks me down hahaha whatev ~

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cause i'm so scared.
Wednesday, June 2, 2010 || 8:36 PM

I'm such a nerd, cause ACM is freaking the hell out of me. I've studied the whole day, but it's so ineffective! I should have focused and not freak out. It's just a friggin' module, heavy load of course. Pigs, cattles, horse, cats, dogs, primate, goat, sheeps, birds. What the fuck? I'm not even gonna aim high for this man. It's eating me alive, rrruuunnnn!!!

Omg omg omg how the hell to study for ACM?
I'mma bathe and tell myself that I'm awesome.
Gosh, stop freaking out, crazy lady

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a few more days to 2nd anniversary?!?! SO FAST!?
|| 10:07 AM

I freaked out okay! But I'm going to think positive. I've got great plans ahead! And I don't want term break to start because once it has started, I don't want it to end! I have difficulties coming back to reality, sadly.

I'm not going to say it, nah I'm not going to say it.

AH I think Hari's the hottest man alive
HAHAHAHA I'm not pretty but who cares ah

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cause it falls on a Saturday, and I'm going to start saving up soon.
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 || 12:48 PM

Where to get the outerwear that she's wearing? I want!

2 papers down, 4 more to go - LAST, ACM, VPM and MGEN I shouldn't have failed the 2 modules (the ones that I'm retaking now, which is ACM and MGEN) two semesters ago. But oh, well, I'm going to do so well for them and get my GPA goin' again.

Have been going to Centrepoint almost everyday now, but not today. Somehow I like, tak boleh jauh from my boyfriend! Got mom and dad a little worried actually, but I kept telling them that I'm capable of balancing my awesome (hehe) relationship with Harindra and my studies. I hope so! He's going to NS soon anyway, so why not?

I have 2 papers tomorrow and I'm not studying yet. Just not in the mood I guess? And this is precisely why I don't stay at home to study. Too much distractions. I'mma take a short nap after this.

Voice nice or not, I love how much we both loooveee to sing!

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